'Madden NFL 19' Super Bowl Prediction Says Rams Will Beat Patriots

EA Sports’ latest Super Bowl simulation pit the Los Angeles Rams against the New England [...]

EA Sports' latest Super Bowl simulation pit the Los Angeles Rams against the New England Patriots in Madden NFL 19 with the Rams defeating the Patriots to win their first championship in nearly 20 years.

Electronic Arts released the video above on Monday which predicted the winner of Super Bowl LIII, the championship game scheduled to take place on February 3rd. The simulation between the two teams took them through a full game that saw the Patriots gaining an early lead with the score being 17-3 at halftime, but the Rams would come back to narrowly pull out a 27-30 win against their opponents.

Stats from the simulation were also shown throughout the video to relay how each team and individual players did in the prediction match, some of which would break records and be quite the achievements if they play out this way in the actual match next Sunday.

"Aaron Donald finished his dominant season with a Super Bowl record four sacks to cement his first MVP award," EA Sports said about the results of the simulated match. "Other player highlights included Jared Goff topping Tom Brady by throwing for 303 yards to Brady's 287 yards, while both garnered two touchdown passes and one interception. Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman and Rams wide receiver Robert Woods both hauled in 8 catches and one touchdown for a total of 104 and 103 receiving yards respectively. Pats running back Sony Michel was the top rusher with 103 yards and touchdown, while no Rams player rushed for more than 100 yards, with running back C.J. Anderson maxing out at 64 yards on 18 carries."

If the results do play out as predicted in Madden NFL 19, it would mean the Rams will have won their first championship since 2000 by preventing the Patriots from netting another win.

Ahead of the actual Super Bowl game, the Madden NFL 19 Super Bowl Edition is still on sale for any who don't have the game yet and want to simulate their own matches. It includes one Super Bowl Elite player with Dick Butkus, Walter Payton, Darrell Green, Keyshawn Johnson, or Jevon Kearse being the five options as well as some other bonuses like Gold Team Fantasy Packs.