Madden NFL 21 September 10 Update Released, Patch Notes Revealed

EA has released a new Madden NFL 21 update on PS4, Xbox One, and PC alongside official patch notes for the update. Unfortunately, the update is relatively minor. However, it's more than just bug fixes and improvements. There's also new content, including some limited-time content. Is any of it going to have a radical impact on the game and its quality? No, but it's something for players playing the game to enjoy.

At the moment of publishing, the update is live across all platforms. For now, it's unclear if it requires an update to the game on the consumer side. If so, it's also unclear how big this update is. Looking at the patch notes, it will presumably be a smaller download size, again assuming there's a download in the first place.

Below, you can check out the full patch notes.

  • Fixed some issues related to MUT squads role selection
  • Fixed a case where usernames didn’t appear during 2v2 gameplay
  • Season 1 (aka Hi-Def) begins, and runs until 11/5
  • New App Icon & Main Menu art representing the Season start
  • Nike HQ yard Location & Challenges are released
  • Season-specific Vanity Content is available for a limited time
  • New Legends available in the SSKO Draft
  • JUFU song “Just Do It” featured in the Madden Trax rotation

Madden NFL 21 is available via the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more coverage on the game -- including the most recent news, rumors, leaks, and update -- click here.

"It's no secret that EA's Madden NFL franchise has had a monopoly on football video games for years, even decades," reads the opening of our review of the game. "If you love football, you play Madden, and there's not really another choice. Unfortunately for gamers, EA has seemingly taken advantage of that fact as of late, churning out a near-carbon copy of the same game every fall, just with new players and ratings. The lack of changes has been infuriating, to say the least, especially when there isn't another option on the market. This year, at least, the folks at EA are finally listening. Madden NFL 21 is a long-overdue upgrade."