Magic: The Gathering Arena's Mobile Version Delayed to 2021

Though it might not come as a shock to many at this point, Hasbro today revealed that the upcoming mobile version of the popular free-to-play digital card game Magic: The Gathering Arena (Magic Arena or MTG Arena for short) has officially been delayed to early 2021. The news comes by way of Hasbro's third quarter earnings call today. While the mobile version did not previously have an explicit release date, Wizards of the Coast had previously said that it was expected to release in 2020.

"To further long-term growth, we are investing to drive digital gaming experiences for Wizards of the Coast brand," said Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner as part of today's call. Magic: The Gathering Arena will launch on mobile in early 2021 as we fine-tune the game this year."

In general, Magic: The Gathering appears to be doing very well for Hasbro. "Magic: The Gathering delivered strong third quarter results and revenue was up double digits for the first nine months of the year," Goldner also said on the call. "The release of Double Masters and Zendikar Rising drove the year-over-year gains in the quarter, including growth in analog and digital play."

Magic: The Gathering Arena is currently available, free to play, on PC and Mac. A mobile version is now expected to launch in early 2021, though no definitive release date has been announced. In case you missed it, Wizards of the Coast has already revealed the upcoming release slate for 2021, and it includes a Dungeons & Dragons crossover set. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the popular digital card game right here.

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