These New Mario Kart Watches are a Blue Shell to the Wallet

Since debuting on the Super Nintendo back in 1992, the Mario Kart franchise has become one of Nintendo's most beloved. The series has seen a lot of merchandise over the last few years, but most of it tends to be reasonably affordable. Tag Heuer is bucking that trend with a pair of premium watches that will cost Nintendo fans quite a few coins. Two options will be available: the Chronograph and the Tourbillon Chronograph. The regular Chronograph will set back Nintendo fans $4,300, while the Tourbillon Chronograph will retail for a staggering $25,600!

Those interested in the Chronograph can register now through October 17th for early access, which will begin on October 20th. Mario Kart fans interested in the Tourbillon can register now for information when it goes on sale. A video showcasing the video can be found embedded below, and more information can be found at Tag Heuer's website right here.

Both watches feature a number of Mario Kart elements. The Chronograph features the Mario Kart logo engraved in stainless steel on the back, and on the bezel. Mario can also be seen in his kart on the front of the watch. The Tourbillon Chronograph also features that same image of the kart, but with moving parts based on a Blue Shell and a Bullet Bill. The leather straps for both watches also feature elements from the series. All in all, these are both stunning watches, but the steep price will make these difficult to obtain for most Mario Kart fans!

The Mario Kart franchise has seen a lot of success in the Nintendo Switch era. More than five years after its release on Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains massively successful. While fans have been clamoring for a new series entry, Nintendo has instead opted to add new tracks to the game through the Booster Course Pass DLC. The DLC features a mix of older courses spanning the history of the series, as well as ones that debuted in the Mario Kart Tour mobile game. Readers interested in learning more about the Booster Course Pass can check out all of's coverage of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe right here.

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