Mario Kart Tour Begins First Multiplayer Test

Mario Kart Tour has already found success as a mobile racing game from Nintendo even though players had to race against AI at first, but it looks like it's going to be even more successful soon if its multiplayer test goes well. Nintendo announced this week that the game's first real-time multiplayer beta test is now live for players to race against other, though you'll have to be a Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscriber if you want to try it.

Nintendo shared a post on the Mario Kart Tour site this week to announce the release of the beta and the dates that it'll be available. It's live as of December 18th, and it'll be available until December 26th for any Gold Pass members. You can still partake in the beta even if you're in the free trial period of your Gold Pass, so if you haven't tried it yet, now might be the time to do so to see what multiplayer is like.

Ideally the multiplayer mode will just let players race against one another, but the announcement post did warn that players may encounter some problems in their races. These include things like failed connections, game freezes, or lag that causes controls to become unresponsive. These all sound like pretty bad issues, but it's not too unreasonable for something that's in beta.

What some players have taken issue with though is that the multiplayer mode's beta is locked behind the Gold Pass subscription. Those frustrations have not been tempered by the fact that players are indeed encountering issues when they're trying to play online.


Mario Kart Tour's multiplayer beta test is now available for anyone who's subscribed to the Gold Pass service.