New Mario Kart Tour Trailer Teases a Tokyo Course

A new chapter in the Mario Kart series is coming out this month with another trailer for the [...]

A new chapter in the Mario Kart series is coming out this month with another trailer for the upcoming game out this week ahead of Mario Kart Tour's release. The newest trailer shows a blending of the real world and some of the most recognizable characters from the Super Mario games as a team of Toads work together to build the Tokyo course. The game is scheduled to release on mobile platforms beginning September 25th, so it won't be long until Nintendo fans are able to take to the streets themselves in the game.

It's a charming trailer that highlights the portable aspect of the game which will be more mobile than ever before. We've seen Mario Kart on-the-go through games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch – and now Super Mario Kart thanks to the addition of SNES games on Nintendo Switch Online – but having Mario Kart on iOS and Android devices is more convenient than ever.

Along with highlighting the mobile aspect of the game, the trailer above also serves as a reminder that we'll see courses inspired by real-world locations instead of just classic Mario Kart routes.

"Mario and friends go global in this new Mario Kart as they race around courses inspired by real-world cities in addition to classic Mario Kart courses!" a description of this part of the game reads from the App Store listing. "These destinations will be featured in tours that rotate every two weeks! In addition to courses based on iconic locales, some of your favorite Mario Kart characters will get variations that incorporate the local flavor of cities featured in the game."

Though Mario Kart Tour isn't out yet, there have already been some concerns about the game's various mechanics and monetization strategies. Currencies used to purchase different resources and gacha elements at play within the game indicate that it's bought into some of the more common parts found in free-to-play mobile games nowadays, according to leaked details from the game's beta. There's also a stamina system in place that limits playtime and the number of races players can take part in, but you can of course bypass that via the microtransactions. Those same systems will presumably be in place when the game releases later this month, but perhaps we'll see some of them tweaked to be more agreeable based on players' feedback.

Mario Kart Tour will release for iOS and Android devices starting on September 25th.