Mario Kart Tour Version 2.9.1 Live, Full Patch Notes Released

Mario Kart Tour continues to see strong support from Nintendo, and the company has now released version 2.9.1 of the game on iOS and Android devices. The latest update doesn't offer any changes that are too substantial, but it does resolve a pair of issues in the game, while simultaneously getting things ready for tours in the future. The mobile racer's frequent tours have proven to be a great way to keep players invested in the game, and it seems that won't be changing anytime soon! Full patch notes from Nintendo for Mario Kart Tour version 2.9.1 can be found below:

  • Made preparations so that players will receive gifts for continuing their Gold Pass subscriptions. This will begin in a future tour.
  • Made preparations for Today's Challenge, in which players race with a preselected course and driver for a chance at receiving gifts like rubies or firing a pipe. This will begin in a future tour.
  • This update addresses the following known issues:
    • After a Fire 10 of a pipe, the items are not displayed in the order that they appeared in the pipe on the pipe results screen.
    • If the Kart Pro Challenges "Get 1 win in Kart Pro" and "Get 2 wins in a row in Kart Pro" were completed during the previous Kart Pro event, the same challenges will already be completed in current Challenges.

At the moment, Mario Kart Tour is in the middle of a Trick Tour event. During the event, players can get Builder Toadette, a variant of the character with a hat inspired by the one worn by Mario in Super Mario Maker. There's also a Pink Dozer kart making its debut, as well.

Fans have been eagerly hoping for news regarding a ninth entry in the Mario Kart series for Nintendo Switch, but nothing has been officially announced, as of this writing. There have been rumors circulating about a new entry in the series, but nothing has been confirmed. Thankfully, Mario Kart Tour has helped many players fill the void!

Mario Kart Tour is currently available on iOS and Android devices. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.


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