Marvel Champions Announces Valkyrie as Next Hero

Marvel Champions: The Card Game will add Valkyrie as its next playable hero. Fantasy Flight Games announced that it would release the Valkyrie Hero Pack in the coming months. Valkyrie's abilities centers on trying to quickly dispatch minions in devastating combos in a single round. Valkyrie is the 17th Hero Pack released for the game and the second hero to be released after a lengthy cycle of Guardians of the Galaxy heroes added to coincide with two campaign-length expansions focusing on the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a living card game, with new content added to the game every month. Players choose a single main hero and build a deck using cards unique to that hero, "basic cards" that can be added to any deck, and cards from one of four different aspects. The game comes with both standalone scenarios to play through as well as campaigns that give player the chance to upgrade cards and earn powerful bonuses as they progress through the storyline.

Valkyrie's signature card is the Death-Glow, a condition card that Valkyrie can attach to an enemy for 1 Energy. Death-Glow doesn't impact an enemy directly, but whenever Valkyrie defeats an enemy that has Death-Glow attached to it, she is immediately readied, meaning that she can potentially take multiple actions in a turn. Valkyrie's upgrade cards also give her boosted attack and defense stats when engaged with a foe with Death-Glow, and she can pull Death-Glow from one villain to another by switching to her Alter-Ego.

Other cards included in Valkyrie's deck include a Thor ally card and a Throg ally card, both of which are more potent if played when Valkyrie is engaged with a minion. These ally cards are Aggression aspect cards that can be incorporated into any deck, not just Valkyrie, which expands a player's deckbuilding options even further.

Interestingly, Valkyrie's nemesis - a villain who enters various scenarios to complicate things - was not named in the announcement of this pack.


No release date was announced for the Valkyrie Character Deck, but its release will likely come later this year.