Marvel: Crisis Protocol Character Breakdown: Captain America

Captain America balances offense and defense in Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a brand new tabletop skirmish game by Atomic Mass Games featuring Marvel's greatest superheroes and villains. Players can mix and match their heroes and villains into teams that they send out on different scenarios. While attacking an opponent's characters is definitely part of Marvel: Crisis Protocol, players score Victory Points by completing objectives, which means that positioning and movement is a critical part of the game too.

Each character in Marvel: Crisis Protocol has their own strengths and weaknesses, and is highlighting what each character does to help players interested in the game or looking to build their own roster of heroes. Today, we're taking a look at Captain America, one of the ten characters available in the Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core Set. Captain America is the first character we've taken a look at that has a Threat Level of 4, and he also has more health and stronger core defenses than previous characters we've examined. More importantly, he's also the first character with a Leadership ability, which provides his whole team with a valuable boost in battle.

In Marvel: Crisis Protocol, Captain America is the leader of the Avengers, one of the two "affiliations" available in the core game. If a player builds a squad with more than half of its characters having an Avengers affiliation (including Captain America), then the whole team benefits from Captain America's "A Day Like Any Other" leadership ability, which reduces the power cost of the first superpower used by each allied character by one. This means that players can unleash a lot more superpowers on their opponents, as the cost of most core superpowers will be reduced by half.

Like other characters in Marvel: Crisis Protocol, Captain America has two core attacks with a power cost of zero. His Strike attack generates power equal to the amount of damage dealt each turn, and allows players to push the target away. Captain America's other zero Power attack is his Shield Throw, which ignores line of sight and cover rules and can target any character within a range of 4. Additionally, Shield Throw has the Ricochet ability when a "Wild" is rolled during the initial attack, which lets players make an additional Shield Throw attack at a second player within a range of 3 of the first target. So - Captain America can usually target two characters with a single Attack action while ignoring all line of sight or cover rules.

captain america
(Photo: Atomic Mass Games)

Captain America's third attack is his Shield Slam attack, which has a power cost of 2 and has a strength of 6. In addition to that high amount of potential damage, Cap's Shield Slam also allows him to throw the target, which can be used to deal additional damage if the target is thrown into terrain or another character.

Thanks to his shield, Captain America also has several additional defensive superpowers. Captain America can use his Bodyguard superpower to force attacks at nearby allies to target him instead, and he can use his Vibranium Shield superpower to add two additional dice to his defense rolls against both physical and energy attacks.

Captain America is also the first character we've covered in our Marvel: Crisis Protocol Character Breakdowns that has a stat change and additional superpowers when injured. Captain America's health becomes 6 once his card is flipped to the Injured size and he picks up the persistent "I Can Do This All Day" superpower, which allows him to add all blanks when he makes a defense roll as successes. That'll help Captain America stay on the battlefield longer and makes him a tougher target to knock out of the game.


Captain America is a powerful and resourceful character with several strong attacks and an ability to absorb attacks meant for other players. Players probably should have at least one squad available that takes advantage of Captain America's leadership ability and strong attack and defense moves.

The Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core Set is available for sale now.