Marvel: Crisis Protocol Character Breakdown: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is an absolute powerhouse in Marvel: Crisis Protocol, capable of blasting away [...]

Captain Marvel is an absolute powerhouse in Marvel: Crisis Protocol, capable of blasting away opponents but needing a lot of resources to do so. Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a brand new tabletop skirmish game by Atomic Mass Games featuring Marvel's greatest superheroes and villains. Players can mix and match their heroes and villains into teams that they send out on different scenarios. While attacking an opponent's characters is definitely part of Marvel: Crisis Protocol, players score Victory Points by completing objectives, which means that positioning and movement is a critical part of the game too.

Each character in Marvel: Crisis Protocol has their own strengths and weaknesses, and is highlighting what each character does to help players interested in the game or looking to build their own roster of heroes. Today, we're looking at Captain Marvel, one of the strongest offensive characters in the game. Captain Marvel, like Captain America, has a Threat Level of 4 and is built around several big attacks that consume a lot of Power. Because characters typically generate only 1 Power per turn, it's critical to manage Captain Marvel's resources and keep her on the battlefield until she can really unload on your opponents.

Like every other Marvel: Crisis Protocol character, Captain Marvel has two 0 Power attacks. The Energy Blast attack automatically generates 1 Power when used and players can re-roll any number of attack dice, thus increasingly the likelihood of a successful attack. Like other characters, Captain Marvel also has a Strike attack that generates Power equal to the amount of damage dealt by the attack. Using one (or both) of these attacks will get Captain Marvel generating at least 2 Power per round. Captain Marvel also has a powerful Rocket Punch attack, which has a Strength of 7 and a cost of 3 Power. It's tempting to try to get Rocket Punches off as often as possible, but players will want to reserve at least some Power for Captain Marvel's great superpowers.

Captain Marvel's signature superpower is his Binary Form, which gives her two extra dice to all her attack and defense rolls until the start of her next activation. However, it costs 5 power to activate, so you're likely going to only activate her Binary Form once, and not until several rounds into the game. Ideally, you'd use Captain Marvel's Binary Form at the start of the round and then fire off at least one Strike (thus increasing the chance of generating more Power) and a Rocket Punch (which would have a Strength of 9 with the Binary Form boost) and then wait to see if anyone is foolish enough to attack you while your defenses get big boosts as well.

mc captain marvel
(Photo: Atomic Mass Games)

Captain Marvel's other active superpower is the Danvers' Special, which acts as an extra attack that doesn't cost an action. Using the Danvers' Special (which has a Power cost of 3), Captain Marvel can throw an enemy character or a piece of terrain and toss it M distance, ideally to hit another enemy or set them up for an ally's attack. Once again, this costs a lot of Power to use, so players will need to be smart about when to use it.

Helping Captain Marvel out is her passive Energy Absorption superpower, which allows her to reduce the damage of Energy Attacks directed at her and causes her to gain Power at the same time. While it's a great superpower, I think most players will be cognizant of it and won't seek to aim many Energy attacks at Captain Marvel to make it particularly useful.

Captain Marvel's final superpower is an immunity to the Poison condition and the ability to fly. Flight is a great tool that lets Captain Marvel bypass most terrain features when moving and usually lets her take cover on top of buildings. Also, Captain Marvel's Flight also allows her to use several Team Tactics cards, which can be handy for setting up team attacks.

All in all, Captain Marvel is a powerful character that needs a steady supply of Power to use effectively. She's not necessarily the best character for beginners to use, but a player that can use her well will be able to knock out or daze just about any foe.

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