Marvel: Crisis Protocol Reveals Dr. Strange and Wong

The Sorcerer Supreme is coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol. The popular tabletop skirmish game revealed on Twitter that Dr. Strange and Wong would appear in an upcoming character pack later this year. Strange's miniature shows him surrounded by arcane circles, including one bearing the distinctive Seal of the Vishanti that also marks his home. Meanwhile, Wong stands ready in a combat stance, balancing on what appears to be some latent arcane energy. No other details were provided about the miniatures, including whether they'd be released together in one character pack or their release date. You can see a first look of the miniatures below.


Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a new tabletop skirmish game featuring characters from the Marvel Universe. Players form a roster of ten heroes and villains and then select from that roster after a scenario is chosen. Each hero has their own "Threat Level" indicating their overall strength and has different superpowers and attacks. While some characters have affiliations that give their entire squad a small bonus, players can choose to mix and match their Marvel superheroes based on which characters they feel will work best in battle. In addition to creating a Marvel super-team, players can also have their heroes interact and toss objects around the battlefield, ranging from trash cans to full buildings.

Players can purchase the Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core Set now, along with several Character Packs for characters like Black Panther, Killmonger, Hulk, and M.O.D.O.K. New character packs are also released on a monthly basis.