Marvel: Crisis Protocol to Add Punisher and Taskmaster

Marvel: Crisis Protocol will be adding both Punisher and Taskmaster in an upcoming Character Pack. Last week, Asmodee revealed plans for a Punisher and Taskmaster Character Pack for its tabletop skirmish game Marvel: Crisis Protocol at the GAMA Trade Expo. Few details were announced about the character pack, other than that it will add the popular anti-hero and the villain of the upcoming Black Widow movie and Disneyland's Avengers Campus to the game. Like other Character Packs, the pack will cost $39.99 with the miniatures needing assembly.

Produced by Atomic Mass Games (a subsidiary of Asmodee), Marvel: Crisis Protocol has quickly grown its fanbase due to the use of popular characters from the wider Marvel Universe, its exciting gameplay, and its incredibly detailed miniatures. The game involves players choosing teams of Marvel's greatest heroes and villains and pitting them against each other in various scenarios. Each hero has their own superpowers and attacks and can gain special benefits when paired with other characters of the same affiliation. However, players don't have to limit themselves to one team or affiliation. Players can pick whatever mix of heroes and villains they want, which opens up countless team-up possibilities.


In addition to Taskmaster and Punisher, Marvel: Crisis Protocol will also be releasing Character Packs featuring Thanos, the Green Goblin, and Doctor Strange and Wong. Doctor Strange's Character Pack introduces the Defenders affiliation, which teases the possibility of characters like Daredevil, Luke Cage, or Iron Fist joining the game, while Green Goblin adds the Spider-Foes affiliation, which means we could be seeing more classic Spider-Man bad guys soon.

Expect more announcements from Atomic Mass Games about their upcoming Marvel: Crisis Protocol releases in the coming weeks. While the company was set to make a few reveals at Adepticon later this month, Atomic Mass stated that they would instead make a few new announcements over the next couple of weeks due to that convention's cancellation.