Marvel Heroes Omega Launching For PS4, Xbox One Soon

Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes Omega has been moving right along in its closed beta on PlayStation 4, [...]

Gazillion's Marvel Heroes Omega has been moving right along in its closed beta on PlayStation 4, but it's just about time for the heroes to break out to find a much larger audience.

The publisher announced today that the game is just about set for launch, with a "Live" version set to go starting on May 23rd for PlayStation 4. That said, it's presenting a good opportunity for players to try it out earlier, in case they didn't already get into the beta.

Omega will introduce a special "Head Start" period for the game on PS4, starting on May 19th, but there's a catch – you'll need to either redeem a code given out by the publisher, or purchase the Founder's Pack, which will be available on the PlayStation Store soon.

In addition, those that download the "Live" edition, either by purchasing it beforehand or waiting for its start date, will be able to download a free pack from the PlayStation Store, featuring Daredevil.

As for the closed beta, it's still going on, but only through May 17th. Furthermore, progress that was made in the beta actually won't be carrying over, as Gazillion will be resetting the servers on May 18th before the game goes live again.

It looks like, for the moment, this offer is only exclusive to the PS4 version of the game. There's also a version on the way for Xbox One, and Gazillion is currently planning a beta for that version of the game, but it hasn't finalized a release date just yet.

As to why the two platforms are releasing differently instead of getting a full-on beta at the same time, Gazillion noted this is to "ensure we deliver the best possible experience for players on both platforms." After all, the team is a "comparably smaller studio" compared to ones that make bigger games, like Activision's Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games.

Fans have been enjoying the game quite a bit on PC for some time, but soon, it'll get its due as a full-fledged console release – and then the party can really get started for Marvel Heroes Omega.

We'll see how the game fares when it releases later this month for PS4, and down the road for Xbox One.