Marvel Snap Players Promised Free Gift Due to Bug

Marvel Snap players have a free make-up gift coming their way thanks to a bug that affected the game's current season pass. Developer Second Dinner announced earlier in the week that players will be getting a free Mystery Variant at some point soon after the Mystery Variant that was supposed to be in the game's free seasonal rewards somehow ended up in the paid rewards tracker. Second Dinner hasn't said yet when that free reward will be distributed, but we're expecting to see more info shared soon to give a better idea of when that might happen.

The free Mystery Variant was announced over on Second Dinner's socials this week along with an explanation of what went wrong. If you look in the premium version of the current season pass, you'll see that there are several Mystery Variant rewards listed there for players to earn throughout different intervals in the tier system. Nowhere in the free version of the season pass is there a Mystery Variant, though that wasn't supposed to be the case, it seems.

"Some of you have noticed the Season Pass Mystery Variant moved to the paid track from the free one," Second Dinner said on Twitter. "This is a bug and NOT the experience we want for @MARVELSNAP players. As an apology, we'll be gifting everyone a FREE Mystery Variant via the inbox. Stay tuned for more details!"

In some of the replies to the tweet, players asked if there was a chance that the Mystery Variant in the premium pass which was supposed to be in the free pass could be moved back which would essentially give players two free Variants -- one that they were supposed to get originally and another from the make-up gift. Second Dinner said that won't be happening, however, and explained that the developer "can't adjust where the mystery variant is on the track mid-season."

While we wait on that Mystery Variant to be distributed, players are also waiting on the return of Kitty Pryde, the card which was removed at the end of March due to a problem that prevented players from queuing up for a match if Kitty Pryde was in a deck. Compensation for that issue was promised, too, though that hasn't happened just yet.