Marvel Snap Teases New Game Mode, Card Acquisition Improvements

Marvel Snap is adding a new game mode in the near future. This week, Marvel Snap announced that it would be adding a new Battle Mode called Conquest. The new game mode is a play on the familiar Friendly Battle mode, but with a ranked format. Players make their way through various leagues, trying to win a series of battles without a loss. If they manage to win three times in a row, they unlock a ticket to compete in the next league. Victories also grant Medals that can be used to purchase cosmetics and an exclusive variant that's found in the new in-game Conquest Shop. 

Marvel Snap also announced some changes to how players get cards, which has long been criticized as one of the worst parts of the game. Players will now be able to claim one free Series 3 card per season, and players will also be able to collect more Tokens from caches and reserves to more quickly claim higher series cards. Marvel Snap is also overhauling the Token Shop by breaking it up into a few different sections, including a new "Weekly Spotlight" section that features the newest cards, and an Ultimate Variant section that displays the coolest variants in the game. These features will be rolled out in the March and April patches. 

Finally, Marvel Snap also acknowledged flaws with the matchmaking and ranked mode systems and said that potential improvements were being looked at. The game's developers note that it can be difficult to reach a previous season's rank and that they were looking at ways to improve the process for players who mainly focus on their rank every season. 

A list of other concepts were also shared as being considered, including guilds, mythic variants, seasonal audio and a new test deck mode. These aren't confirmed, but are merely possibilities. You can read the full blogpost on Marvel Snap's in-game blog.