'Marvel Spider Man's Entire City Is Visible In Noir Suit Goggles

Some of the most impressive aspects of Marvel's Spider-Man are the smaller, finer details. Whether it is the incredible detail of suits, the game's rendition of Manhattan, or the billion easter eggs packed into every corner of the game: Marvel's Spider-Man is a game of details. And it's a much better experience for it.

Another incredible small detail -- one that most players will never see -- is that you can see the whole of Manhattan in the Noir suit's goggles (spotted and captured by Reddit user "kingradon")

spider-man noir
(Photo: Reddit via "kingradon")

It appears the reflection is a generic city reflection -- to have a high-quality, real-time reflection would be quite the technical feat and quite the pretty penny -- but it doesn't take away from the incredible level of detail Insomniac Games has sprinkled all over the game.

It would have been much easier to have an even more generic solid glass reflection with some light spots. And you wouldn't have blamed Insomniac Games for never even thinking about the goggles on one suit.

But what this shows is that not only is there considerable resources and talent behind Marvel's Spider-Man, but it was clearly a passion project for the studio.

For those that don't know: the above Noir suit is one the first suits you unlock in the game, and is from Spider-Man Noir, an alternate version of Spidey and a darker take on the character set in 1933. It's a fan favorite for its unique look, and its rather, goofy-looking goggles.

The suit is part of the Marvel Noir universe, and is worn by Peter Parker after he is bitten during The Great Depression by an illegal imported spider while investigating a smuggling ring of ancient spider statues as a reporter.

From here, the story is pretty familiar, Parker wages a one-man war against the vast criminal underworld of New York City in a more vigilante-fashion than normal.


If you want, you can read more about the character and suit here.

Marvel's Spider-Man is available exclusively for PlayStation 4. For more news, media, and information on the title, be sure to peep our previous -- and extensive -- coverage of it and all things Spidey by clicking here.