Tarantula Revealed In 'Marvel's Spider-Man' Universe

Marvel's Spider-Man is a couples weeks out on sales, and the numbers speak for themselves. With the game having sold millions of dollars, Insomniac has ushered in a new brand of superhero gaming, and it seems Marvel Comics wants in on the success.

After all, the first comic expanding Marvel's Spider-Man is ready to go live, and it introduces a rather surprising baddie. So, if you have missed the Tarantula, the villain is making a comeback just for you.

This week, Marvel Comics will release issue zero of Spider-Geddon. The new series will take place in the same universe at Marvel's Spider-Man, and follow Peter Parker as the hero plays a role in Spider-Verse's final chapter.

(Photo: Marvel Comics / Comicosity)

Not long ago, previews went out for Spider-Geddon #0, and it follows Peter as he takes a tip from Mary Jane Watson. He's directed to a bank located in the financial district, and it is there Peter comes face-to-face with Tarantula.

"Young, stupid, and arrogant. Easy prey for the Tarantula," the baddie tells Peter when the wall-crawler throws an insult his way.

As fans can see, Tarantula is wearing a high-tech costume that could rival the Iron Spider suit. The suit is a dark red and fitted with a sleek helmet. An exoskeleton fits over the suit, giving Tarantula pseudo-spider legs, and the baddie wears blades on his arm braces as well.

"Yikes! And holy copyright infringement! You'll hear from my lawyer… as soon as I get one. Consider this a 'cease and desist,'"

As the chapter goes on, Peter is able to take out Tarantula with a well-timed Web Bomb. So, the web-slinging vigilante can breathe easy with another win under his belt.


For those unfamiliar with the Tarantula, the character is a familiar one in the Marvel Universe. The character debuted in July 1974 under creators Gerry Conway and Ross Andru. Tarantula began with Anton Miguel Rodriguez, a terrorist from the South American country of Delvadia. The character was recruited by the government's dictator supporters who gifted him the identity of Tarantula to spread fascist ideas. Anton brings his alter-ego to the United States to cause a stir, and it is there the man picks fights with Spider-Man and Captain America in turn.

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