Marvel's Avengers Confirms Long-Awaited Feature Is Coming

Despite Marvel's Avengers being a multiplayer co-op game, there is -- somehow -- no "join in progress" feature. How this feature was overlooked, is anyone's best guess, but it's not by design. This week, the game's system designer, Brian Waggoner, confirmed that the feature is being worked on and that it's been stressed to the team how important it is to get into the game. Despite this, there's no word when the feature will release. 

We know that later this month when Spider-Man is added to the game, a huge update will be released. That said, there's no word of this feature being a part of this update. And with the way certification works, it's about to be -- if it's not already -- too late to add it in the update, even if it's ready in time, but it sounds like it won't be. In fact, it sounds like it's not coming to the game anytime soon. 

There's some good news within this bad news though, and that's that Crystal Dynamics is still planning long-term support for the game and is still working on adding quality-of-life features that the game desperately needs. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix haven't done or said anything that indicated the plug may soon be pulled on the game, but its lack of success and the controversies it's generated have left many fans wondering how much longer the show will go on.

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