Marvel's Avengers Reveals Some Massive Changes Coming to the Game

Alongside Spider-Man, on November 30 a massive update to Marvel's Avengers is releasing on all platforms, which is to say on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia. Ahead of November 30, developer Crystal Dynamic has begun to tease the update, which so far has included our first-look at Spider-Man in the game. And now it includes information on the major reworks coming to perks, resources, and gear. 

"We're reworking and rearranging some Perks so they're more meaningful in the update on November 30," said Crystal Dynamics of the update. before highlighting the two major points of the reworks, which are the changes coming to rewards for Omega Level Threat: Family Reunion and Status effects of gear for Heroes.

 Below, you can check out a quick rundown on everything salient said about these reworks by Crystal Dynamics:


  • Status effects to gear for Heroes who are currently missing them have been added. This means Hulk will have Cryo Perks, Ms. Marvel will have Plasma Perks, and Iron Man will have Shock Perks for his weapons, with being perks being added to either Specialty gear from Vendors, Omega gear (for Hulk), or Hivemind gear.
  • The rewards for Omega Level Threat: Family Reunion have been updated. More specifically, Omega Gear will now drop every mission. The gear in question won't change a Hero's Power Level, but it will allow players more chances to get the rolls they are after. 
  • The Minor Artifact awarded has been removed and replaced with Fragments as a part for the Resource rework.
  • Several Perks have been updated where the specific trigger plays a bigger factor on the percent chance of a Perk activating.


  • From a high level, the need for Catalysts, Nanotubes, Nanites, Plasma, and Uru are being removed. The number of Fragments, Upgrade Modules, and Polychoron will be granted to players for these resources and they will be removed them from the UI.
  • When players log in, they will be notified of the resources being retired, and in turn, what resources they will get in exchange. Retired resources could be brought back in the future.
  • The only resources players will need need to upgrade gear and Minor Artifacts will be Fragments and Upgrade Modules. As a result, Crystal Dynamics is reworking areas that currently give resources as rewards, which means the following changes are being made:  Dismantling Gear - Dismantling gear will now reward the player with Fragments, Upgrade Modules, and rarely Polychoron, based on the rarity of the gear. Enemies - Defeating enemies will now only drop Fragments in quantity and frequency based on the size and difficulty of the enemy. Some smaller enemies will not drop any Fragments at all, while normal Adaptoids drop Fragments most of the time, and enemies such as Blitz Dreadbots and Elite Exos drop more Fragments more often. Mission Rewards - All missions that had a non-standard resource as a reward will have it replaced with fragments in larger amounts. All missions and mission chains have some Fragments or Upgrade Modules as a part of their reward with the amount increasing based on type of mission. Strongboxes - Only a few strongboxes will continue to give out Fragments as the others will focus on higher-quality gear. Large strongboxes and Stockpile strongboxes will focus on giving out resources with Stockpile strongboxes also awarding Upgrade Modules. Silver, Gold, SHIELD Cache, and DNA Strongboxes will not award Fragments or Upgrade Modules. Gear and Faction Vendors - With no need for the retired resources, we have removed all the resource conversion options from all vendors and replaced them with specialty gear offerings similar to the Wakandan Gear Vendor. Each Vendor has different offerings that can improve as your hero increases their Power Level. Most of these specialty offers will have a higher Fragment cost when compared to the normal gear. The prices for all gear have also been adjusted to account for the focus on Fragments. Challenge Card Rewards - Some rewards on Challenge Cards gave resource packs, so these have all been replaced or adjusted. The Rare Resource bundles have been removed and, in its place, will be a bundle of Fragments or Upgrade Modules. The Exotic resource bundle no longer gives Uru and grants more Polychoron than before.

Gear Upgrade 

  • A new upgrading system is being added that will allow players to infuse their gear and increase its Power Level along with the their progression. 

  • The gear you like can now be carried along your journey to max Power Level, but there are a few things to make note of. What does this mean? It means only Epic or higher quality gear can be upgraded or used to upgrade gear. Meanwhile, the upgrade system only uses gear that is above PL 100. Lastly, gear can only be upgraded with gear in the same slot. That said, there will be costs to upgrading depending on the gear in question.

Marvel's Avengers is available via the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass, and Google Stadia. For more information and media on all of the changes above -- and more -- click here.