Marvel's Avengers Adds a Surprising Thor Costume

Marvel's Avengers is big on adding cosmetics to the game that take inspiration from different heroes' various looks over the years, but more often than not, those come from older comics, not the newer ones. Any skin that might be considered newer probably came from one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, though this week's addition was an exception to that trend. The Marvel's Avengers team announced this week that Thor has now gotten his Cosmic Herald outfit in-game, the skin inspired by his drastically different look seen in 2020's Thor run from Donny Cates, Nic Klein, and more.

This skin is surprising in Marvel's Avengers for a number of reasons other than the fact that it comes from a relatively new storyline. For one, its appearance is totally different than anything Thor's seen in prior to this. The cosmic variant of Thor literally lets the superhero glow with power with both his rune on his outfit and his eyes lighting up. Whether you've enjoyed that Thor comic or not, the outfit certainly stands out from others.

If you're one of the ones that did enjoy the series, or if you just like it now and want it in-game, you can pick it up in the marketplace tomorrow, the Marvel's Avengers team said.

There's another surprising aspect of the skin, too, but this detail isn't exactly a welcome one. Unfortunately, this skin is missing something that the version of Thor seen in the comics had, and that's the long hair. You'll notice in the in-game image shown above that the Marvel's Avengers skin features Thor's hair at a reasonable, expected length where it goes down to his shoulders and is more white than blonde.

Compare that to the comic cover art on the right and you'll immediately notice the differences. The comics version of Thor has much longer hair that hangs down in front of his shoulders and is more bleach-blonde than anything else. The long hair perhaps would've caused problems clipping into the rest of the skin if it hung down that far, but the hair is so far off from the comic version that it's a disappointing oversight or compromise regardless.


If you're not too put out by that, you can pick up the new Marvel's Avengers skin in the shop on Thursday.