Marvel's Avengers Tease Has Players Guessing Which Hero Will Be Added Next Year

With Marvel's Avengers players already well accustomed to Black Panther by now after his arrival in the War for Wakanda expansion, the community's looking ahead to what hero might be added to the game next year. People always of their wishlists for characters to be added, but a new tease from the developers has left people looking at two specific characters as possibilities for heroes to be released next, or at least at some point in the next couple of hero releases.

Those two characters are Loki and She-Hulk, both of which are well-established Marvel characters with their own unique powers, personalities, and appearances. Loki's probably the more recognizable of the two given how he's been featured in multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and got his own TV show, too, but it's hard to miss She-Hulk given the signature green Hulk look she boasts. It's also worth pointing out that She-Hulk has been referenced in the game already.

The theories about these characters came from a tease within the latest blog post for Marvel's Avengers. It was a pretty tame post for the most part, but within the developer spotlight, systems designer Melad Darbandi was asked if he could offer any hints about what he's working on now. His response led people to the Loki and She-Hulk theories.

"Whatever I say would make me sound like a …. Liar Liar," Darbandi said.

As far as Loki goes, it's easy enough to see why players would think this was a referenced to that character. Loki's all about deception and trickery both in mythology and in Marvel's universe, so referencing someone being a "liar" means Loki should at least be in the running if theories are being concocted.

However, Loki's also a tricky character in the sense that he's both a villain and a hero at times depending on his alliances and what mood he's in. Marvel's Avengers boasts its own unique versions of these Marvel characters though, so Loki could end up being a hero, a villain, or even both if he's added to the game.

The other theory regarding She-Hulk is a bit more of a stretch, but it's still not too outlandish to consider. Darbandi capitalized "Liar Liar" which led many to think of the 1997 movie of the same name which stars Jim Carrey as a lawyer. Jennifer Walters, the human side of She-Hulk, is also a lawyer, a profession connection which makes the She-Hulk theory as good as any right now.


Regardless of who the next hero is, players can rest assured there's more to come next year. The same blog post reiterated that even though there's been a lot of talk about system reworks and things of that nature lately, there's "more content coming in 2022, including Heroes and Villains."