Marvel's Avengers Seems to Be Teasing a New Character

Marvel's Avengers players are still enjoying the newest addition to the game's roster Kate Bishop, but it is already known that more heroes are headed to the game at some point as Hawkeye and Spider-Man already confirmed with heroes like Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and more heavily rumored. Now it seems the game itself is teasing one of those new heroes as the official website has added a new, unrevealed hero to the game's roster page, with a "coming soon" in the place where an image and name would usually be. Now, this is most likely Hawkeye, as he is seen in Bishop's story content and is expected to hit early next year, and hopefully, this means we'll get even more information about him soon.

Twitter user @PlayAvenger spotted the new addition to the website, saying "Playavengers website has coming soon in the character section," and you can see the image below.

We previously saw some of Clint's story content in a teaser that showed he is in an alternate reality, one where the Maestro rules supreme. While we know Spider-Man is coming down the line, we haven't heard anything about his development for a bit, so it seems there would at least be a tease of him or Black Panther for that matter before they were added to the website.

As for Kate and Hawkeye, recently had the chance to talk to Crystal Dynamics Senior Narrative Designer Nicole Martinez about the story links between the two characters, and she gave a breakdown of how they are connected and where we find Kate when she joins the game.

"Basically what happened is she was with Clint, her mentor, working on some recruiting stuff during A-Day so she wasn't in San Francisco when everything happened, but she was about to become a full-fledged Avenger," Martinez said. "It was days away from happening. She had finally proven herself and was really excited about it, but then when A-Day happened and everything fell apart, basically the Avengers stopped returning their calls, they wouldn't contact them, they disbanded, it became a lot of chaos where Kate and Clint were basically left on their own. So, they started taking things into their own hands, looking after the disappearance of Nick Fury. They stumble on this Tachyon stuff that we reference in some of the trailers. Then Clint disappears and Kate's left all by herself."


"So, when the Tachyon investigation merges back with what the Avengers are doing and they come into contact again, Kate has this like, 'Can I really trust them enough to rejoin the way I used to after knowing that everything could fall apart?' And she has to figure out what her place should be in the Avengers team if she stays, like who she is without Clint at first," Martinez said. "And I think it's just a lot of realizing that her idols have... they're not perfect and accepting that they're going to make mistakes, but still wanting to come back to them. I think that's a lot of what her journey is about."

Here's hoping we find out the new hero soon, but in the meantime let us know who you want it to be in the comments, and as always you can talk all things gaming and Marvel's Avengers with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!