Marvel's Spider-Man Bug Turns Every NPC Into Denim

A Marvel’s Spider-Man player encountered an interesting bug recently that transformed the look [...]

A Marvel's Spider-Man player encountered an interesting bug recently that transformed the look of every NPC around them. During one of the segments where you get to play as Miles Morales, a Redditor shared some screenshots that showed every other character around them looked the same because they were entirely made of denim. From head to toe, each character surrounding Miles looked like one big mass of denim jeans with polygonal heads and appendages, though they lacked any distinguishable features.

The Redditor by the name of trilbyfrank shared the series of screenshots below that show the Marvel's Spider-Man NPCs looking quite different compared to their normal appearances. Miles stands next to one of these denim-clad characters in the first image while others mill about behind them. The other images show Miles walking around with these denim monstrosities.

[Spider-Man PS4] [Screenshot] A bug caused every NPCs in my game to be made of jeans/denim. from r/PS4

Within the comments that followed this post, some at least one other user said this wasn't an isolated incident. The player said the same thing happened to them in the exact same place the original poster was back when the game was first released. Other users attempted to explain what might be happening here and mentioned that the game will do this during other situations as well. The rest of the comments are worth reading through for nothing else than to absorb all the denim puns like saying the game finally has "Denom" instead of "Venom."

In Marvel's Spider-Man news unrelated to mass outbreaks of denim, Sony recently announced that a new version of the game is available for anyone who either missed out the first time around or didn't get a chance to play all the DLC. Marvel's Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition was confirmed to be a real product, and it's available now. For $39.99, it comes with the base game as well as the three chapters that compose the game's full DLC offering.

"Experience the Game of the Year Edition of Marvel's Spider-Man, which includes the full game, plus Marvel's Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps complete DLC story arc content," Sony's announcement about the game said.

Both the normal Marvel's Spider-Man and the newly announce Game of the Year Edition are both available for the PlayStation 4.