'Marvel's Spider-Man' Update Adds Two 'Fantastic Four' Suits

Two new Marvel’s Spider-Man suits that come straight from the Fantastic Four universe are [...]

Two new Marvel's Spider-Man suits that come straight from the Fantastic Four universe are available in a new update, Insomniac Games and Sony confirmed.

Following a teaser from earlier in the month when it was teased that "something fantastic" would be coming to Marvel's Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four content was revealed to be two suits called the Bombastic Bag-Man Suit and the Future Foundation Suit. The first has Spider-Man looking like a member of the Fantastic Four save for a paper bag that's on his head while the second is a much more serious look that's mostly white with black accents and a black spider across the suit's chest.

Insomniac Games said early on that there wouldn't be other heroes in Marvel's Spider-Man aside from the webslinger himself, so the crossover suits between Spider-man and the Fantastic Four are as close as players will get to seeing the group of superheroes in-game. Those familiar with Marvel's comics will know that Spider-Man has met the Fantastic Four more than once in multiple crossovers, those meetings being the ones which inspired these suits.

The Bombastic Bag-Man comes from an encounter were Spider-Man enlisted the help of the Fantastic Four to remove a symbiote suit, Marvel's Spider-Man writer Christos Gage explained for those unfamiliar with the source material. The group of superheroes was able to help with Spider-Man then borrowing one of their suits, but with none of them wearing masks, Spider-Man had to put on a paper sack to hide his identity. Spider-Man would later become a member of the Fantastic Four with the group then referring to themselves as the Future Foundation which is where the black and white suit comes from.

Both of these suits will be made available to all players for free, and all it takes to get them is downloading patch 1.14 which is scheduled for a Monday release. For those who won't be able to see the suits in action themselves until later, Insomniac Games said it plans on streaming some gameplay on Monday at 2 p.m. PT to show what they look like in-game.