Mass Effect gets Awesome GBA-Inspired "Demake"

The Mass Effect franchise has developed a large and passionate audience over the years, thanks to its blend of action and RPG elements. However, it seems that some fans feel that the series would be a perfect fit for the strategy genre, as well! The team at 64 Bits has imagined just that, with an excellent video inspired by the Advance Wars series on Game Boy Advance. The GBA demake is called "Advance Effect: Legendary Edition," and it does an incredible job of imagining Mass Effect as a game that would have released on the handheld system!

The full video can be found embedded below.

The video does a really good job balancing the Mass Effect aesthetic with the look and feel of games that appeared on the Game Boy Advance. So far, reception to the video on YouTube has been overwhelmingly positive, with many viewers pointing out that they wish this was a real game that could be purchased. The character designs in particular are really impressive, and it's fun to imagine how this style of game could expand the Mass Effect universe. Unfortunately, fans of the series will have to settle for this video for the time being, but maybe a real strategy game based on the franchise will happen someday!

The video from 64 Bits comes at a time when nostalgia for the Game Boy Advance is at an all-time high. Nintendo released the handheld system back in 2001, and it played host to a number of excellent games, including Golden Sun, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and Advance Wars. Rumors have been circulating over the last few months that Game Boy Advance titles will be made available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, but nothing has been officially confirmed, at this time. A remake of the two Advance Wars games was supposed to release on Nintendo Switch this month, but the game has been indefinitely delayed, likely as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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