Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mod Turns Reapers into Among Us Imposters

Over the last year or so, Among Us has become one of the biggest games on the planet, and it just might have corrupted some brains, as a result. Modder Mentlegen attributes that to their latest Mass Effect Legendary Edition mod, which replaces the Sovereign-class Reapers from Mass Effect 3 with Imposters from Among Us. In the description, the modder claims that they've started to see Imposters everywhere, and its resulting in them not being able to see anything remotely resembling an Imposter without bursting into uncontrolled laughter; even the word "among" has been ruined for them! Once you've seen that description, the mod starts to make a lot more sense, honestly.

A video of the mod can be found embedded below. Those interested in downloading the mod for themselves (or checking out the modder's other creations) can do so on Nexus Mods right here.

The mod is, quite frankly, ridiculous, but that's to be expected from a project like this! Clearly, Mentlegen isn't taking it all that seriously, opting instead to create something that's both ridiculous and fun. In fact, this was inspired by a similar Mass Effect Legendary Edition mod by Exkywor that turned all Reaper Capital ships into Thomas the Tank Engine (that mod can be found right here). For fans of Mass Effect that also happen to love Among Us, or those that just can't get the latter game out of their brain, this mod definitely seems worth checking out! 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition released earlier this year, bringing together the first three games in the franchise. The compilation offers older fans a chance to revisit the beloved games, and new ones the opportunity to experience them for the first time. Since the compilation's release, it has inspired a large number of mods, from the silly, to the serious. The whole thing just goes to show how passionate the game's community truly is! 

What do you think of the trailer for this mod? Have you started seeing Imposters everywhere you go? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk about all things gaming!


[H/T: PC Gamer]