Mass Effect Limited Edition Wrex Statue Now Available For Pre-Order


Harness your inner Krogan with the newly announced Wrex high-end collectible from the esteemed Mass Effect trilogy from BioWare. Now you can "Shepard," "Wrex" in real life, because this statue is one for the ages. Besides, who wouldn't want to have a commemoration from the character that said, "Why shoot something once when you can shoot it 46 times?" Gold.

The latest collectible piece comes from Gaming Heads and comes with two editions: The standard, and the exclusive. Both retail for the same price, but the exclusive is in limited quantity and can't be ordered from anywhere else. The behemoth of a statue stands at a whopping 23 inches, appropriate for the rightful head of Tuchanka. Here is what the official listing has to say (click on the gallery below to enlarge images):


"Gaming Heads proudly presents the Mass Effect: Wrex exclusive edition statue (also available in a regular edition). Standing approximately 23 inches tall (1/4 scale), the Wrex exclusive edition statue comes with the Graal-spike thrower shotgun and open left hand (as included with the regular edition), along with the exclusive edition M-300 claymore shotgun and a clenched left hand swap-out items."

The exclusive comes with the same M-300 claymore shotgun used in the game, while the regular has everything except the additional weaponry. Both pieces ship world-wide and are available for $599.99. Payment plans are also available!