Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Release Window Reportedly Revealed

At the moment of publishing, BioWare and EA haven't announced a remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy, but the long-awaited remastered package has been the subject of many rumors, reports, and leaks from a variety of credible sources. In other words, it's not a matter of if at this point, but more a matter of when. That said, the answer to the latter is apparently, soon.

According to industry insider and Venture Beat reporter Jeff Grubb, the plan -- at least until very recently -- at BioWare and EA was to announce the remastered trilogy sometime in early October and then release it later that month. However, Grubb notes that EA may decide to push both the announcement and release back due to the pandemic's disruption on development.

“Up until this last week, I know the plan for sure was to announce it in early October, release it late October,” said Grubb. “It’s 2020, maybe that could start to slip. It sounds like maybe that’s a possibility. Nothing for sure yet. It's real though. I know it’s real, I’ve seen more than enough evidence to know it’s real. But it’s still 2020, and they haven’t announced it yet.”

While Grubb suggests it's possible the game will get pushed, he's still "confident" that it will be revealed and hit in the aforementioned window. Meanwhile, it sounds like this will be more than a straight port, because Grubb also notes EA is pitching it as a big $60 holiday release, though Grubb does say he believes it's more upgrade than a full-blown remake based on he conversations he's had.

“[Star Wars] Squadrons is a $40 game, and I think they were planning for the Mass Effect trilogy to be this other big thing for $60 this Holiday,” said Grubb. “So that’s why I’m pretty confident that it’ll make it out. But with everything else falling apart across the board, I could see them also wanting to just delay. But that’s not for sure. That’s not a guarantee yet. That hasn’t even been decided yet, it just seems like a possibility that’s on the table. But last I heard, [it was] October...People always ask me, ‘is this gonna be like a full remake, or is it going to be more like an upgrade?' I don’t know that for sure, but I would probably lean towards upgrade. When I asked around about this, that was kind of the vibe I was getting, and I think that’s what people should expect for sure.”

Of course, as always, be sure to take everything here with a grain of salt. Not only is nothing here official, but it's also subject to change.


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H/T, Gaming Bolt.