Mavix M9 Review: Comfortable, Chic, & Customizable

The Mavix M9 is the best gaming chair I’ve ever sat in. It isn’t Jesus of Nazareth or Red Dead [...]

The Mavix M9 is the best gaming chair I've ever sat in. It isn't Jesus of Nazareth or Red Dead Redemption 2 or original light and buttery Town House crackers -- it's not going to change your life, but it will considerably improve it.

When it comes to gaming chairs, rarely do you get to simultaneously enjoy both style and functionality. With the White Mavix M9, you get an abundance of both of these things, plus an array of customization options that put the competition to shame. What's the catch? These perks come at a price.

While the Mavix M9 is pitched as a gaming chair, it doubles as a home office chair. If you're uncomfortable because you're sitting in a cheaply and poorly designed chair, it's going to negatively impact your productivity. If you spend hours a day seated, whether wiping squads in Apex Legends or crunching spreadsheets, a chair is more than just a piece of furniture -- it's an investment in yourself. To this end, the Mavix M9 is a great investment, even at its premium price point.

(Photo: Mavix)

The biggest selling point of the Mavix M9 may very well be its customization options. In this regard, no other chair on the market competes, and when you combine this with the high-quality materials Mavix has gone with, what you get is a chair you could sit in from sunrise to sunset.

The best of these customization options is the adjustable backrest height, an option you don't get with many of the alternatives. Most chairs have a "one size fits all" approach when it comes to the backrest. With the Mavix M9, you can adjust the height so you get the perfect support in relation to your height, and if you have lower back problems, maximizing support is vital. Complimenting this is adjustable head and neck support, which is admittedly not as important, but does enable different seating styles and again allows you to customize the chair to your body habitus.

Another customization option involves reclining, and this is another place the Mavix M9 is unmatched. The chair boasts a special "revolve extended recline technology" that allows for a 127-degree arc angle. Coupling this, the chair comes with adjustable tension recline. Compared to much of the competition, not only does the Mavix M9 allow you to recline further, but it once again gives you the ability to customize this part of the experience with the adjustable tension. During my own time with the chair, I found turning the tension all the way down almost created a rocking chair effect, something my other gaming chairs can't offer.

In addition to this, the Mavix M9 comes packing seat depth adjustability, locking enabled wheels, and four-dimensional armrests that feature adjustable height, adjustable depth, and the ability to rotate to different angles. The most former of these I found helpful but difficult to actually make function, especially in relation to how simply everything else works. Meanwhile, the locking enabled wheels -- which are rare for a gaming chair -- are certainly convenient to have, as are the armrests, which allow you to adapt your chair to your setup.

(Photo: Mavix)

Who cares about customization options -- gadgets and gizmos -- if the chair itself isn't comfortable? You can have all the customization options in the world, if the actual design of the chair is poor, and if the materials used are third-rate, then it's all for nothing. That said, not only has the Mavix M9 been designed with comfort in mind, but with posture health in mind as well. It's possible to achieve a neutral posture in just about any chair, but Mavix's ergonomic design means not only is achieving neutral posture easier, but maintaining said posture is also easier.

As you would expect, the Mavix M9 boasts Dynamic Variable Lumbar, which is a fancy way to say lower back support. Many gaming and home office chairs feature this. That said, if you haven't guessed by now, Mavix sweetens the pot with some upgrades. The chair comes with Advanced Tensile Recovery fabric on the DVL. Now, this may sound like complete marketing jargon, but it's not. A.T.R. is a woven multilayered nylon that is supposed to be equally responsive as it is supportive. Mavix claims it provides more give and spring than traditional fabrics others use. And it's not lying. The A.T.R. fabric provides an immediately noticeable upgrade in terms of comfort, and the breathability of the material means that even when seated in a room with temperatures ranging from 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, my lower back never stuck to the material or felt like it was about to combust.

Beyond the DVL, the rest of the chair is coated in faux leather, but not the cheap kind that makes your skin crawl. The leather feels soft and smooth, and again, feels good in both moderate and hot temperatures. To provide padding on the seat, Mavix has gone with a cool gel memory foam that provides the perfect balance between a sinking mold and a firm hold. It's like a glove for your buttocks, and a big reason why the chair is so comfortable to sit in for hours.

The only con to the seat of the chair is that when I elevate my legs and feet above my waist it can trigger some slipping in the seat, which may be partially because of the seat's wide design. When it comes to gaming chairs, I prefer wide seats, but keep in mind that the sides aren't as elevated as some other chairs, so there isn't quite that "hip-hugging feel."

(Photo: Mavix)
(The Mavix M9 comes in four colors: White, Black, White/Black, and Black/Glacier)

Not only is the Mavix M9 extremely comfortable and loaded with features, but it does this without sacrificing style. The sleek, minimalist design is more reminiscent of a Herman Miller chair than a traditional gaming chair. Put simply, most gaming chairs stick out like a sore thumb anywhere that isn't set up specifically for gaming. The Mavix M9 and its design look equally great in a streamer's RBG LED-lit setup as it does in a more business professional setting. No matter what room you put it in or what desk you pair it with, the Mavix M9's elegant and bold design will stand out, but not look out of place.

All of this comes at a price though, and at a price of $999.99, it's a pretty steep one. That said, is the Mavix M9 worth this investment? Absolutely. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but they are cheaper for a reason.

The Mavix M9 (White) was provided by Mavix for review purposes. You can browse through Mavix's collection of chairs here.