Mega Man Board Game Announced

A new board game based on the first three Mega Man games is available for pre-order now. Blacklist Games has announced Mega Man Adventures, a new cooperative board game that can be played as either in standalone sessions or as part of a larger campaign. Players will control Mega Man, Proto Man, Rush, or Roll as they make their way through various stages. Each player plays two Action cards on their turn, one that controls their character directly and one that provides other players with bonus abilities. Each stage has various obstacles and enemies to overcome using actions – some enemies can be defeated by a single action, while others require a more tricky string of combos. At the end of each level is a Robot Master with a unique scheme of attack. Defeating the Robot Master will give players its signature weapon and bring them one step closer to defeating Dr. Wily. 

The game uses classic pixel art from the games as well as official artwork, helping to give the game a retro style. Mega Man Adventures also includes Nintendo cartridge-themed box art, really bringing home the idea that you're pulling out a classic Mega Man game when you play. 

Mega Man first debuted on the Nintendo Entertainment System way back in 1987. A classic platformer-style game, Mega Man is a robot who volunteers for upgrades when his maker Dr. Light is betrayed by his partner Dr. Wily. Most of Mega Man's robot enemies are former robots of Dr. Light reprogrammed for evil by Wily. Capcom has released 11 entries in its main Mega Man series, as well as several popular spinoff series. Mega Man has also starred in multiple cartoon series and has made appearances in other game series, including Super Smash Bros. 

This is Blacklist Games' second game based on a classic video game IP. The games studio is also developing a Contra board game that recreates the run-and-gun style of the original NES game. 

Pre-orders are available for Mega Man Adventures now. The game has a retail price of $40.