Mega Man X Legacy Collection Introducing 'Easy' Mode

Mega Man X

In just a few days' time, we'll be celebrating the return of the Mega Man X games with two Legacy Collection compilations, straight from Capcom. But for those of you that think the games are going to be a bit too tough for their own good, we've got some good news.

A report from Siliconera confirms that all of the Mega Man X games in the Legacy Collections will feature an "easy" mode in case you're struggling to take on the rogue Robot Hunters that exist in each one.

Capcom recently revealed some new information about the game, confirming a new "Rookie Hunter" mode that will be included with each Mega Man X title. This will allow you to slow down the challenge a bit. That doesn't mean they're going to entirely be a cakewalk but you probably won't struggle as much as you did with the game's default difficulty settings.

The mode can be turned on either from the main menu or during your game, and by activating "Rookie Hunter," you'll take half the damage you normally would from hits and obstacles. That means you'll survive much longer than you would on the default setting.

Also, if you've got "Rookie Hunter" turned on in either Mega Man X4 or Mega Man X8, you'll be protected from "insta-deaths" when you fall onto spikes or into bottomless pits. Apparently, you'll just teleport right back into the action as if nothing has happened.

Some people may think this is the "easy way out" with games like this. But c'mon, have you played the Mega Man X games? They're tough. Especially games like X2 and X3 from the Super Nintendo era. They'll hand you your butt for breakfast and then go to work on your inner organs.

Along with the "Rookie Hunter" mode, the Mega Man X Legacy Collection games will also feature bonus content for fans to root through, including gacha capsule toys, cards and soundtracks, along with a 25 minute animated episode called "The Day of Σ" that ties in with the legacy of the series. We can't wait to check this out!


Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 will release on July 24 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.