Metal Gear Solid 3 Fan Remake in the Works Using Metal Gear Solid 5 Engine

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is arguably one of the most popular entries in the history of the long-running Metal Gear series. And while the game hasn’t been available on modern platforms in recent history, some fans are looking to touch it up with some help from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Or, more specifically, with the use of the latter game's Fox Engine.

Shared on Reddit, user u/BeesWX is looking to recreate the world of Metal Gear Solid 3 within the game engine from Metal Gear Solid V. Notably, MGSV was created within the Fox Engine, which is arguably the most impressive piece of tech that Konami has created a game within. The engine was developed by Hideo Kojima and his Kojima Productions studio when it still belonged to Konami. For now, this MGS3 remake is still in the early stages, but a few images have been revealed of the progress so far.

Mgsv or.... mgs3 ? from r/metalgearsolid

The only downside about this fan remake is that, well, it’s likely not anything that will ever be released widely. At the moment, the fans making this are only hoping to recreate the opening areas of Metal Gear Solid 3, specifically that of the Virtuous Mission. As such, a full remake of the entire game will likely never transpire.

That being said, even if it did get fully recreated, it’s obviously not something that Konami likely would ever let see the light of day. If an actual remake of Metal Gear Solid 3, or any of the MGS games for that matter, were ever going to come about, they would have to come from Konami directly. Sadly, in recent years, the Japanese publisher hasn't shown much interest in the franchise outside of the much-maligned Metal Gear Survive, so hopes for such a revival don't seem great at the moment.

Despite this, we have heard rumors in recent months that a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid could come about in the future. While these rumors haven't gained much mainline traction, David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake, has said that he would be down to reprise his role if a new MGS remake was in the works. So with that in mind, we'll be sure to keep our fingers crossed.


As for this Metal Gear Solid 3 fan remake in the Fox Engine, what do you think about what has been shown off? And should Konami use this same engine to create more remakes in the future? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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