'Metal Gear Solid' Announcement Seemingly Being Teased

The teases and loose evidence is starting to mount up: is there a Metal Gear Solid-related [...]

(Photo: Konami)

The teases and loose evidence is starting to mount up: is there a Metal Gear Solid-related announcement coming in the near-future? Our rationale tells us no, but the teases, the teases are telling us, yes.

Recently, Kris Zimmerman (the voice director of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, which notably turns 20 years old tomorrow), David Hayter (the voice behind Solid Snake and Big Boss), and especially Robin Atkin Downes (the voice of Kazuhira Miller) have been teasing "new" and "exciting" news, and as you would expect, it has Metal Gear Solid fans going crazy with speculation, theories, and even some anticipation.

Many of the teases have come way of Downes, who has been getting the hopes of Metal Gear Solid fans up the most.

For example, Downes cryptically tweeted out "missions take time to plan," which was accompanied by #StayTuned. Now, that's a tease of an announcement if I've ever seen one.

But wait, there's much more. In another tweet, Downes linked to an article written by David Hayter about his time as the voice of Solid Snake, asking "So what happens to us now?"

Hayter responded to another teasing Downes tweet with "message received," and by attaching a GIF of Michael Coreleone's iconic "every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in" line from The Godfather Part III.

Speaking to The Escapist, Hayter acknowledged all the teasing by Downes, and said that it would have to remain a mystery, for now at least. Again, the tease level is strong here.

But there's still much more. Downes also tweeted out suggesting that an announcement (if there is one) could come during The Game Awards 2018 in December after the show sent out its own tweet about what type of announcements fans were hoping to see.

And lastly, there is the tease from Zimmerman, which is pretty straight to the point:

There's even more of these type of teases, but you get the point. It appears there's a Metal Gear Solid announcement on the horizon. The question is: what is it?

Source: Gaming Bolt