'Metal Gear Solid' Gets the Tabletop Treatment

Konami Digital Entertainment and IDW Games has announced a brand new way to experience the [...]

Konami Digital Entertainment and IDW Games has announced a brand new way to experience the intricate world of Metal Gear Solid and it's as easy as finding your nearest tabletop!

Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game offers fans a completely immersive cooperative experience for those that loved the Konami video game series. Players will be able to don the boots of Solid Snake once more, or take on the role of Meryl Silverburgh, Dr. Hal "Otacon" Emmerich, and Gray Fox the Cyborg Ninja.


Each character offers a unique skill set that is familiar to fans of the franchise. The board game also offers a dynamic A.I system and a sandbox play style for players to enjoy, including missions where your choice matters.

"Having partnered with Konami in the past to adapt Metal Gear Solid into comics and produce all new stories in the Silent Hilluniverse, we are extremely excited to be partnering again to bring Metal Gear Solid to a new gaming medium: tabletop," said IDW Publishing VP Jerry Bennington. "We know this a beloved franchise with a die-hard fan base, and as such we're putting all of our energy into producing a premium gaming experience that is exciting to play over and over again."

Game designer Emerson Matsuuchi added, "I'm probably the biggest fan of Metal Gear Solid. Ever since playing the first Metal Gear Solid, it has forever altered the way I view games. The story it told was so memorable and the gameplay experience so rich that it has shaped my expectation of games as both a designer and gamer. So the opportunity to bring this masterpiece to the table has been an honor and dream come true. I'm excited to be able to capture the tactical stealth action that is the hallmark of the franchise as well as create a new experience and story for the Snake fans. Age hasn't slowed him down one bit."

With miniatures sculpted by the famed Francesco Orruu and art from renowned Metal Gear Solid fan/comic artist Kenneth Loh, this is one experience that is perfect for both veterans and newcomers to the franchise. It's also the perfect gift for those looking to put a unique spin on a gaming present!

We don't have a release date yet at this time other than a 2019 window. You can learn more about the upcoming game on the respective IDW Twitter and Facebook pages!