Metal Gear Survive Release Date, Pre-Order Pack Details Leak Early

We know that Konami was going to make some kind of announcement for Metal Gear Survive tomorrow, [...]


We know that Konami was going to make some kind of announcement for Metal Gear Survive tomorrow, but it appears that the information has leaked out early – and now we know when Konami will be releasing its survival horror game.

Our friend Wario64 has tweeted out the official release date for Survive, as it's set to arrive on February 20th, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

With that, reception of the game is still mixed, with some players intrigued by the new horror approach for the series, and some thinking that it's pretty much a mistake, since horror isn't really what Metal Gear is all about.

Regardless, the game is coming, and it appears that Metal Gear Survive will also be offering up a special pre-order pack with a number of goodies, which you can see below. These include four different gold plated weapons, including a bat, a spear, a sledgehammer and a machete; two additional gestures, including "happy" and "thumbs up" (in case you feel like giving a thumbs up to zombies, I suppose?); four metallic survival scarves, colored white, pink, green and neon blue; Kabuki face paint for your characters; a Boxman "The Orange" accessory that looks like a plastic box that you wear on your head; and a Mother Base nameplate, in case you feel like showing off online.

Metal 2

Honestly, we knew the announcement was coming, and now it's pretty much confirmed. But now Konami faces an uphill struggle to get more people excited about the game, especially with their position in where they stand with Metal Gear. After all, this game was made without the support of long-time series director Hideo Kojima, who has since moved on to his Death Stranding project for Sony's PlayStation 4; and reception from the game's appearance from Tokyo Game Show for the past couple of years hasn't been positive, to say the least.

We'll hold off judgment until we see more of the game in action, but, yeah, this is decidedly very non-Metal Gear. Plus, are you really going to use that Thumbs Up gesture?

Metal Gear Survive will arrive February 20th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.