Metal: Hellsinger Announced for PS5, Xbox Series X, and More

Adding rhythm elements to a first-person-shooter might seem a bit odd, but that's the central hook [...]

Adding rhythm elements to a first-person-shooter might seem a bit odd, but that's the central hook for Metal: Hellsinger, a new title from developer The Outsiders and publisher Funcom. True to its title, the game will feature a soundtrack filled with metal music, and as players attack their foes to the beat, greater destruction will rain down, and the music will get more intense. It's certainly a wild concept, but one that should greatly appeal to fans of both video game genres, as well as fans of metal music. A release date has not been revealed at this time, but the game will appear on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PC, and current generation consoles sometime in 2021.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the core gameplay in Metal: Hellsinger centers around slaying demons. As The Unknown, players will venture through The Infernal Planes, on a quest to destroy the realm's ruler, The Red Judge. The Infernal Planes are made up of a number of different regions, and players will have plenty of weapons they can use to dispatch the various demons that will be found throughout each of them. Each weapon will also boast its own special ability.

Naturally, a rhythm game centered on metal music will require a strong soundtrack to succeed. According to Funcom, the title will feature a completely original soundtrack with music by a number of established metal singers. That list will include Matt Heafy (of Trivium), Mikael Stanne (of Dark Tranquillity), Björn Strid (of Soilwork), and Alissa White-Gluz (of Arch Enemy). In addition, players can also expect to hear veteran voice actor Troy Baker (The Last of Us) as the game's narrator.

Metal: Hellsinger certainly sounds like it will have an interesting main quest, but it should offer plenty of replay value, as well. The game will feature a challenge mode and online leaderboards, so metal-heads can compete for the best scores as they wipe out the inhabitants of the Infernal Planes.

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