Metro Exodus Is Coming to Steam Soon

Metro Exodus, the survival game that helped kicked off many a grumble about timed exclusivity on PC platforms, is finally preparing to come to Valve's Steam Store. The game's time as an Epic Games Store exclusive on the PC platform is coming to an end on February 15th when it heads to Steam along with DLC that's been released since then. The game's creators announced its impending Steam release date on Thursday and thanked everybody for their patience exercised during the wait.

This release date for Metro Exodus on Steam comes exactly one year after the game released through the Epic Games Store and on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That release date mirrors what's usually done with the timed exclusivity for different games, though some releases have shorter periods of exclusivity like six months.

The announcement from the creators tells us when it'll be released, but not how much it'll be. It's a question people have asked since the game has been out for a year now and considering how there's a Gold Edition of the game that costs a bit more and comes with extra content. The Steam page for the game is live and already has a bunch of "Very Positive" reviews from people who praised it after it was released elsewhere, but a price hasn't been listed for the base game or the premium version. The DLC including the expansion pass are already listed though and cost $7.99 and $24.99, respectively.

For those who've been waiting for Metro Exodus to release on Steam, the times listed above will tell you exactly when the game will unlock.

It'll be interesting to see just how many people really did wait for Metro Exodus to come to Steam. Those interested in the game last year will recall that it was one of the first games to be released exclusively through the Epic Games Store. It was also pulled from Steam not long before the game released which didn't go over well at all with people who wanted to play it and those who just didn't like the Epic Games Store. People replying to the tweet above seem to remember the contentious situation well and have already asked for discounts to make up for the exclusivity.


Metro Exodus releases on the Steam Store on February 15th.