Metroid Dread Developer Working on Two "Undisclosed" Games

Metroid Dread and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developer MercurySteam has two games coming!

In 2021, Metroid Dread released on Nintendo Switch, offering the first wholly-new 2D game in the series in more than 20 years. The game was a critical and commercial success for Nintendo, as well as co-developer MercurySteam. MercurySteam is not owned by Nintendo, but is instead an independent team 40% owned by Nordisk Film. In a recent earnings report for Nordisk, the company revealed that MercurySteam is currently working on "two large undisclosed titles." No additional details were provided about the games and platforms, though Video Games Chronicle has speculated that one project could be the previously announced "Project Iron," which is in development with 505 Games.

While that could account for one of the games, it will be interesting to see what the second game ends up being! MercurySteam has shown a passion for the Metroid series, having previously co-developed 2017's Metroid: Samus Returns on 3DS. It's possible that Nintendo contracted the studio to begin work on another game following the success of Metroid Dread. While Metroid has historically not been a major seller for Nintendo, Dread is currently the best-selling game in the series, with more than three million copies sold.

Another Metroid would seem to be the safest bet, but Castlevania might be another possibility. MercurySteam co-developed the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series, which saw two console releases, as well as an entry on Nintendo 3DS. 2014's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 marked the last new game the series has seen, outside of compilations such as Castlevania Anniversary Collection and Castlevania Advance Collection. Rumors have been circulating that Konami could be working on a new game in the series, and MercurySteam's involvement would make sense.

Whatever MercurySteam is working on, it should be worth keeping an eye on! MercurySteam has released some highly-regarded games over the years, and it's a safe bet the studio's next games will continue that trend. Even if it's not something Metroid related, fans of the series should still have a lot to look forward to in the future.

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