New Metroid Prime 4 Update Isn't the News Nintendo Switch Fans Wanted to Hear

After months and months of silence, Retro Studios and Nintendo have provided an update on Metroid Prime 4, but it's not the update Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite fans were hoping for. There's no new trailer, any information when the game is releasing, or even how development is getting along, but rather news that the studio is looking for a lead producer. In other words, not only was the first word of Metroid Prime 4 in a long time a boring job listing, but the listing itself may also convey its own bad news.

A lead producer is a very important position in video game development. In the role, you're one of the top dogs in any given game's development. You're responsible for every aspect of production. You're not the vision behind the game, but you're the glue of a development team. If a creative director imagines a game, a lead producer is responsible for ensuring this vision is realized by every department. It's a crucial position. So, the fact that Retro Studios is looking for applicants for this role is not good news.

This means one of two things. Either the game's lead producer has left or been canned. Whatever the case, that's not -- typically -- a good sign for a game's development. It's also possible the game's still, somehow, in the very early stages of development and is just now getting around to needing a lead producer.

Whatever the case, this isn't a great update. Sure, it's nice to know the game still exists in some capacity, but it doesn't look like it's going to be a game we are playing anytime soon, which is wild given how long its been since its initial announcement.


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