Microsoft Hosting E3 Presentation This Year, Will Have 'Something Different'

Microsoft E3

We're just a few months away from the biggest video game event of the year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. We've already seen some companies preparing for the event, like Bethesda, who confirmed its pre-E3 press conference just a few days ago. Now, it's Microsoft's turn.

The Verge's Tom Warren noted on Twitter today that Microsoft will once again host an E3 presentation, set to take place on June 10 at 4 PM EDT, which will fall on a Sunday. This falls in line with last year's presentation, which was shifted to a similar day, rather than the usual Monday morning set-up it's had over the past few years. (Which is better for those in attendance, since Ubisoft and Sony also usually have press conferences on Monday.)

The time is a bit different, however, taking place around one hour earlier than it did last year. For those that aren't attending in person, it's also likely to be live streamed across Microsoft's streaming Mixer network, as well as YouTube and Twitch.

What you might not expect, however, is the company's approach to this year's show. Warren has noted that, "Microsoft is doing something different for E3 this year. I think that 'different' element will start to make sense soon…" He didn't clarify whether it was just for the company's E3 press conference, or for the show floor in general.

Microsoft has experimented with "different" in previous years, including a bizarre yet eye-catching Cirque du Soleil performance to pump up excitement for the company's Kinect motion peripheral. And it's gone all out to bring stars to its press conferences as well, ranging from sports stars hyping EA's Madden NFL franchise, to Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr talking about The Beatles Rock Band.

So the company will no doubt present a spiffy presentation at this year's show, trying to regain some of the momentum it lost to Sony and Nintendo during last year's holiday season. The real question here, however, is just how far it'll go to get our attention again. (Halo 6 announcement, is that you?)

Again, the show takes place on June 10. We'll have more official details soon.


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