Minecraft Gives Players Free Skin Pack

Like many other games, Mojang and Minecraft had a Black Friday sale on different in-game items for players to purchase. That sale is still going on now even after the shopping holiday has passed, but even if you’re not planning on buying anything, you can take advantage of an offer from Mojang that’s made one skin pack 100% free if you get it from the Minecraft Marketplace while the offer still stands.

The skin pack in question is called “Fall Buddies” and is created by The Lucky Petals. Other skins from the same group cost Minecraft Coins, but this one is completely free. As the name of the skin pack suggests, it’s a collection of different skins themed around the fall season with a bit of winter thrown in there too. The Minecraft Marketplace shared a preview of the skin pack on Twitter which can be seen below.

“Fall is here and these group of friends are prepared with their scarves, sweaters and turkey hats!” a description of the skin pack said. “Celebrate the coming of winter and the beauty of fall with these skins! The tree skin has a little surprise on the back of it, turn the skin around to see what's behind!”

Mojang didn’t specify when or if the skin pack would no longer be free at some point, but from the way the “Block Friday” announcement post was worded, it’s probably best to get it sooner rather than later to avoid missing out. This free skin pack is part of the Block Friday sale that ends on November 30th, so you’ll want to get these skins before then to make sure you don’t miss out in case they’re no longer free after that.


“That’s right, the Block Friday sale is pulling a hat trick!” Mojang said about its Black Friday plans. “In this case, the day in ‘Friday’ actually means seven days because the sale takes place between November 24 - November 30. Up to 100 maps and items will be on sale for 33% off during the entire week, but make sure to check in regularly because there will be two new daily 75% offers each day!”

Minecraft’s Fall Buddies skin pack is currently free on the Minecraft Marketplace.