Minecraft Is Adding PlayStation VR Support

Minecraft on PlayStation 4 is about to receive a big upgrade as it was announced today that, later this month, the popular title will officially add PlayStation VR support. As for how that works exactly, the announcement indicates that it will be the full-fledged version of Minecraft on PS4 that everybody knows and loves, just more immersive. Players will still navigate around with the DualShock 4 controller and so on rather than any other sort of control scheme.

"Once we’ve finished the final bits of polish to the experience, the PS VR support will arrive via a patch for the main Minecraft game," the announcement reads in part. "Everyone who has Minecraft on PlayStation 4 will get that patch automatically. Download that patch and you’ll get access to the new Minecraft VR functionality. Of course, you’ll need a PS VR setup in order to use it. All of you have one of those right?!"

Supporting PS VR has apparently been in the cards since Minecraft first got approval to add cross-platform play to the PlayStation 4 version, and despite the ongoing pandemic, it sounds like development progress went fairly smoothly thanks to the fact that the team had worked on previous VR versions.

"Despite the pandemic adjusting how we develop Minecraft, development on Minecraft for PS VR has been relatively drama-free," the announcement continues. "Dare I say it, normal, even. The Minecraft x PSVR experience itself is based on the Minecraft VR tech that we developed for other VR platforms a few years back. SkyBox Labs took that and have been working their magic to convert and optimise the existing tech for PS VR. And, of course, our friends at Sony have been there all along the way to guide us because they know their system better than anyone."


No official date has been given for Minecraft to add PS VR support just yet, but it is expected to drop in September. Minecraft itself is available for... well, pretty much every platform at this point. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the popular video game right here.

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