Minecraft Steve Gets Beard Back for the First Time in Years

After years and years of being a clean-shaven character, Minecraft Steve, the first default Minecraft avatar and the face of the game itself, has a beard once more. Steve's facial hair has been returned to the blocky player character as part of an update which altered the appearances of both Steve and Alex. This update isn't part of the live game yet, but players were quick to take notice of the change.

The new looks for Steve and Alex can be seen below in one of the many posts on social media that showed off what their updated designs look like. In truth, they're not too different at all from what we'd normally see with the core colors and defining features of the two characters remaining intact. Some small changes made in regards to clothing and appendages may be noticed, but the biggest change by far is the return of Steve's beard.

Though the in-game version of Minecraft's default skin does not currently have a beard, we often see Steve sporting that facial hair in marketing materials for the game such as toys, key art, trailers, and more imagery. For that reason, the bearded version of the character might not look all that unfamiliar at all to you since you've probably seen it elsewhere before even if you didn't play Minecraft back when it was available in-game.

It was a long time ago, too, that we saw this version of Steve in Minecraft. Though players have naturally been able to fix Steve's beardlessness through mods, the last time that Steve officially had a beard in Minecraft was all the way back in 2009 according to records of past Minecraft updates. It was in that early, early update when the game's survival mode was still being tested that Steve was updated to have the character's beard removed.

While the change has hardly gone unnoted by players, Mojang has not made a big to-do about this adjustment just yet, so expect to something said about this in the future. Some have expressed opinions for or against this change already, but considering how many skins Minecraft has, people probably won't even see this version of Steve in-game much unless they're deliberately playing as the default character.