Minecraft Reveals The Wild Update

Mojang still has the second half of Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs update releasing later this year, but beyond that, the team is already looking ahead to the next update: The Wild. This update is meant to celebrate the wilderness of Minecraft's Overworld area, the developers said, and as such, it'll give players plenty of new areas to explore when they tire of peaks and caverns from the Caves & Cliffs content. A specific release date for the update has not yet been given, but it's scheduled to be released at some point in 2022.

Minecraft's The Wild update made an appearance during this year's Minecraft Live event to show the community some of what's in store when that content releases next year. As the name of the update suggests, the goal here is to make the wilderness a more varied and immersive place for players to visit so that they're fond of spending more time there.

One way the wilderness will become more enticing is through the addition of some new biomes for players to visit. Mojang said that it's adding Swamp biomes to the game as part of The Wild with the Mangrove Swamp joining the broader Swamp biome, too. This means that Mangrove Trees will also be added to the game which will give players a new wood to build with as well. Boats with chests are also being added so that players can explore these swampy areas and other watery biomes while hauling their treasures along with them.

Other additions to Minecraft to look forward to in The Wild include frogs and tadpoles, the former being a mob that players have been asking about for a while now. The tadpoles are also unique in the sense that they're the first baby version of an animal that looks different from its adult variant beyond simply being a smaller version, Mojang pointed out. Frogs eat fireflies which means you can expect that glowing insect to be added in The Wild, too.

Mojang also said that the Deep Dark biome which was previously scheduled to release with the second part of Caves & Cliffs will now be releasing as part of The Wild. This biome found far underground will include mobs like the eyeless Warden as well as unique items that'll only be found in the Deep Dark.

Minecraft's The Wild update will release at some point in 2022.