Minecraft Update Lets Players Try New Caves & Cliffs Features

Minecraft's new Cliffs & Caves update is in the works and on the way to players some time during Summer 2021, but the community doesn't have to wait that long to try it out for themselves. Instead, you can hop into the Java edition of the game to preview the new content thanks to the latest Snapshot that's been released to give the first hands-on opportunity with the Cliffs & Caves content.

The Snapshot released for Minecraft players is now available if you have the Java edition of the game. All you have to do is opt into the test and you'll see the first of the Cliffs & Caves features including many forms of amethyst, copper, and new tools to use like spyglasses.

Over time, we should see more Minecraft updates released for the Java Snapshot collection to preview more of the Cliffs & Caves update as those features become available. Until then, you can check out everything that's included in the current Snapshot via the full list of new features below. Everything else included in the Snapshot like technical changes and bug fixes can be seen here.



  • Amethyst comes in block form inside the geodes in two ways: block of amethyst and budding amethyst.
  • All types of Amethyst blocks (clusters included) create beautiful sounds when you walk on them, break them, place them, or hit them with a projectile – go make some music!


  • Amethyst clusters grow from budding amethyst, which can be found inside geodes.
  • Clusters have four growth stages: small amethyst bud, medium amethyst bud, large amethyst bud, and amethyst cluster.
  • Clusters can only grow when they are placed on budding amethyst blocks.
  • Fully-grown amethyst clusters drop four amethyst shards (or more with Fortune) when an iron pickaxe or higher is used, and drop nothing otherwise when broken.
  • Clusters can be silk touched at any stage.


  • These huge geodes can be found anywhere underground in the Overworld.
  • Amethyst geodes have an outer layer of a new stone called tuff.
  • Amethyst geodes have a second layer of another new block called calcite.
  • Amethyst geodes have an inner layer of various amethyst blocks.


  • Amethyst clusters drop four amethyst shards (or more with Fortune).


  • On any side of a budding amethyst block where there is air or a water source block, a small amethyst bud will eventually grow.
  • Amethyst Buds can only grow when attached to budding amethyst and will grow until they become amethyst clusters.


  • Bundles are items that hold other items.
  • A bundle can hold a mixture of items, but only one stack's worth. For example, a bundle could fit:
    • 64 dirt
    • 32 dirt + 32 stone
    • 32 dirt + 8 ender pearls
    • One of every color of wool, concrete, carpet and terracotta (64 blocks in total)
    • Or one diamond helmet
  • Use right-click to put an item into a bundle.
  • Right-click a bundle to empty it.
  • Wrap a present in a bundle and give it to your friend!


  • Candles come in all 16 colors + one uncolored variant.
  • Up to four can be placed in one block.
  • Candles allow you to properly wish someone a happy birthday.
  • Waterloggable! (But you cannot light them underwater, silly).
  • Wish anybody a happy birthday with a candle cake!


  • Cauldrons can now be filled with buckets of lava!
  • Filled lava cauldrons give off a redstone signal of strength 1.



  • Craft nine copper ingots to a copper block.
  • Craft cut copper, cut copper stairs and cut copper slabs.
  • Use honeycomb to craft waxed copper blocks.


  • Copper ore can be found in ore blobs across Overworld, similar to iron and coal (this is not the final generation for copper…)
  • Smelt copper ore to get a copper ingot.


  • The lightning rod is crafted from three copper ingots.
  • Keep your builds safe (well, as long as the closest area around the lightning rod is fireproof) during thunderstorms!
  • The lightning rod will protect an area of 4 * 16 blocks around it from the, sometimes devastating, lightning strikes!
  • Lightning rods give off a redstone signal when struck by lightning


  • Copper will oxidize over time
  • There are for stages: copper, lightly weathered copper, semi-weathered copper, and weathered copper.
  • It takes 50-82 Minecraft days (in loaded chunks) for a copper block to oxidize one stage.
  • Waxed copper blocks will not oxidize.
  • You can wax any oxidation stage – how lovely that means you can keep that pretty lightly weathered copper block in it's lightly weathered stage forever!


  • You can use your spyglass to see faraway things.
  • Pretend to be a sea captain, or catch your neighbor in the act as they dye your sheep lime green.
  • The spyglass is crafted from two copper ingots and one amethyst shard.


  • Tinted glass is a type of glass that does not allow light to pass through.
  • Tinted glass is crafted by putting a glass block in the middle of four amethyst shards.
  • Tinted glass can be obtained without silk touch; it does not shatter like normal glass.