Mixer Permanently Lowers Its Subscription Price

Today, in it latest attempt to compete with Twitch and keep the pressure on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, Mixer lowered its subscription prices from $6 a month to $5 a month. Mixer didn't provide any explanation on why it's lowering its subscription price, but it probably has something to do with the fact that Twitch charges $5 a month.

As you may know, Mixer subscriptions work basically like Twitch subscriptions. They come with special badges, custom emotes, and all that jazz. That said, at the moment it's unclear who's eating this price change. For example, is Mixer eating all the lost money or are it and its streaming partners, who get a cut of the subscriptions (though it's unclear how much of a cut). Twitch streamers get 50 percent of the cut, so you'd assume Mixer is at least within this ballpark, but Microsoft hasn't divulged these specifics at the moment.

Of course saving $1 a month may not seem very compelling, but that's $12 a year per subscription. Many users are subscribed to multiple streamers, so for them, this is a pretty hefty penny saved. And of course, this is more of an optics game anyway. If you're going to poach Twitch's top streamers -- such as Ninja and Shroud -- you should offer at least an equally compelling subscription package, which now it is doing.

Anyway, as would expect, Mixer users were quite happy to hear they will be saving some money going forward:


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