MLB The Show 21 Tech Test Announced for PlayStation and Xbox Players

MLB The Show 21 has a few more months to go before its release, but those who’ve been waiting on the next MLB game to launch won’t have to wait that long to try it out. Sony Interactive Entertainment announced this week that a tech test will be held on February 23rd, and for the first time, the test will be extended to both PlayStation and Xbox users. The tech test will be live for around a week after it begins to give players plenty of time to try everything out, and the signups for the test itself are now open for any who are interested.

While MLB The Show games have historically been available only on the PlayStation consoles, this will be the first one to get a wider release than just Sony’s platform. Thanks to that development, the signups for this tech test encompass both the PlayStation and Xbox families of consoles. You can follow the link below if you’re on either of those systems and want to have a shot at participating.

Included in the beta will be the “Diamond Destiny” mode which can be played against the CPU, in casual matches, against friends, and through certain events. The player-collecting Diamond Dynasty mode has been around in past MLB The Show games and should be familiar to returning players. Progress earned in the tech test doesn’t carry over to the full product, however, so don’t expect all of your stats and everything else earned to come with you.

As is the case with any tech test, alpha, or beta that takes place before a game’s release, there are a few things to consider before joining this one. Merely signing up doesn’t guarantee your spot, and there doesn’t appear to be anything you can do to increase your chances, so you’ll just have to hope you’re chosen to participate.


Players also aren’t allowed to share any footage or pictures taken from the tech test either, so we shouldn’t expect to see bits of the tech test floating around online after it starts later in the month. Some of those things inevitably leak each time, but they likely won’t stick around for long.

MLB The Show 21’s first tech test starts on February 27th with signups open now.