Play Monopoly: Longest Game Ever If You Think You Can Handle It


Hasbro has released another novelty version of Monopoly, and if you thought the original game took forever to play, buckle up. Monopoly: Longest Game Ever is just that - "the longest version of the game of Monopoly to ever be played". It isn't for the weak - this game is a test of endurance and pure will. Fun doesn't enter into the equation. Here's what it will take to win...

The Monopoly: Longest Game Ever board features 66 properties - 3 of each location. The game doesn't end until someone owns all of them. If that wasn't hard enough, there is only one die, so no doubles. But wait - there's more! If you run out of money bankruptcy won't save you from this endless torment. The rules allow players to rip the bills in half along the dotted line to use throughout the game.

If you think you have what it takes to play marathon games of Monopoly, you can grab a copy of the game on Amazon right now for $19.99. This is an exclusive, and will likely be popular for the holidays, so jump on it while you can.


Needless to say, the classic Monopoly rage quit will likely take on another level of intensity when players invest days, weeks, maybe even months, in a single game. Just be thankful that Hasbro didn't utilize this premise for a novelty version of The Game of Life.

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