Monopoly, Nerf, Operation, and More Getting Unscripted TV and Movie Projects

Hasbro's Investor's Day revealed a glimpse at Hasbro's plans over the next few years in the realms of television, animation, movies, games, and toys, and from the looks of things, Hasbro is going to be quite busy. They recently revealed a first look at a new Transformers animated series and the upcoming My Little Pony movie, but they also revealed a number of unscripted projects currently in development for several of their iconic board games and toylines. They've already developed a baking show based on Candy Land, and Hasbro revealed they are doing more unscripted and competition shows based on Monopoly, Mouse Trap, Easy Bake, Nerf, Operation, and Play-Doh (via CNBC).

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner said that the Nerf and Mouse Trap shows will feature large obstacle-course elements that highlight athleticism, comparing it to shows like Wipeout.

As for Play-Doh, some kind of competition show that has people trying to build certain objects out of it comes to mind, though it could very well be something else. Operation could also be in a similar vein, with players trying to make their way through the area and avoiding obstacles while also not touching the edges of the board.

Monopoly seems geared more towards the traditional game show model, while Easy-Bake could very well be turned into a show with people trying to make gourmet items in an Easy-Bake oven. Again, all conjecture obviously, but wouldn't be too shocking.

Goldner also revealed the production pace for Hasbro's movie and television side, saying "Sometime between 2022 and 2023, you should see two to three movies every year from us and three to four streamed shows. And then we'll scale that as we add new IP while we're also doing subsequent seasons of the shows that we already [created]."

Hasbro already has a number of scripted series in production, including two Transformers series, a new My Little Pony series, a new live-action G.I. Joe series for Amazon, an animated series based on Clue, a series based on Risk, an animated series for Netflix based on Magic the Gathering, a Dungeons & Dragons series, a new season of Power Rangers Dino Fury, and a new series titled Kiya.

On the film side, projects in development include the G.I. Joe origin story Snake Eyes, the Power Rangers reboot by Jonathan Entwistle, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, My Little Pony, and two Transformers projects. The first is another film in the Bumblebee universe, while the second is a new animated feature film.


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