Special 'Monster Hunter World' Announcement Scheduled for Next Week

Monster Hunter World players have a special announcement coming their way next week, but Capcom [...]

Monster Hunter World players have a special announcement coming their way next week, but Capcom isn't revealing what it pertains to just yet.

Capcom teased its reveal recently with a tweet from the Monster Hunter account that gave players a time and date for when they can expect to receive the news. Whatever the developer has planned will be revealed through a stream that'll be shared on both YouTube and Twitch next week on December 10th at 6 a.m. PST, Capcom said.

The PlayStation Twitter account also teased the announcement with a brief video that was shared from different accounts.

What the announcement is about remains to be seen, but there are already several ideas circulating within the community as players ponder what it might be about. More monsters being added is one of the possibilities, but one of the more hopeful suggestions is that these new monsters will be added through the release of the G-Rank feature. This rank is essentially the end-game tier of content where powerful monsters are found and is sometimes implemented by releasing a different, expanded version of a Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate being once example of that. Monster Hunter World doesn't yet have the G-Rank feature, but if it gets it, monster hunters can expect to have powerful enemies and even better loot waiting for them.

Capcom's latest tease about a new announcement echoes a statement made during The Game Awards by Ryozo Tsujimoto, the producer of Monster Hunter World. The game received the award for the best RPG of the year, and when Tsujimoto accepted the award on the stage, he said Capcom had something planned for the game with an announcement coming in the next few days. He didn't say what it was, but he did say the announcement would "make everyone happy." Adding G-Rank would certainly fit that description, but it could be that Capcom has something entirely different planned for the game.

Tune into Capcom's stream next week on December 10th through the links included in the tweet above to see what the Monster Hunter World creator has in store for the game.